Why should you be aware of refresh rate?

You should be aware of the refresh rate of a monitor or screen so that the quality of images and videos that are displayed on the screen can be understood. The refresh rate is different from the frame rate. In case of refresh rate, the drawings can be made repeatedly. In case of frame rate,… Read More »

Cat5 vs Cat6 – What is the difference

Cable wires are used for a number of purposes including networking and data transmission. The most appropriate cable for this use is known as the UTP or Unshielded Twisted Pair. These cables are also very applicable to telephone lines. However, there are a number of categories within the UTP cables. You can choose from almost… Read More »

AHCI vs IDE – What is the difference?

AHCI and IDE are the two different modes wherein a hard drive corresponds with computer system via SATA storage controller. AHCI is the Advanced Host Controller Interface and in comparison to IDE, it’s faster, while IDE is Integrated Drive Electronics which has been the standard interface used in storage media.

DVI vs HDMI – What is the difference?

It hasn’t been long since the world has stepped into the realm of digitization. Everything that we use is available in a digital format. From the smallest of the information to a 3-hour movie, we cannot think of anything without digital technology. But to enjoy the benefits of digital technology, we need digital outputs. The… Read More »

Notebook vs Laptop – What is the difference?

Both laptops and notebooks have become commonly used electronic gadgets over the last few decades. But which one to choose among laptops and notebooks? How are they different? The answer to this question is not clear to many. Some people even think notebook to be another name for a laptop.  To clarify this, let us… Read More »